Lease Vehicle Inspection & Repair

If you have a leased vehicle with dings and dents you are probably nervous about what will happen when you turn it in.  Most people are unsure of the inspection process and worry they may be charged big money for small damage.  We understand how the process works and what the inspectors look for.  We can provide solutions to minimize your costs and help you feel confident at turn-in time.

M.A.R.S. Lease-End Inspectors will typically look for:

  • Tires with less than 1/8″ of tread remaining
  • Heavily dented wheels
  • Paint Scratches, dents, and gouges greater than 2″
  • Improperly completed body repair work
  • More than three dings on a single body panel
  • Windshield chips greater than 1/8″
  • Upholstery tears or burns
  • Excess carpet stains
  • Damage to convertible top (if applicable)
  • Service indicator lights turned on
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